Custom Design Services

Living roomHouse Details Too is proud to offer professional interior design services to new and existing homeowners. Our interior merchandising philosophy and commitment to detail come from years of experience in ensuring the highest quality in all that we do. Because of our years of experience, we understand the latest design concepts, traffic flow within a home, and how to maintain a sense of flexibility in the use of each space.

If you’re moving into one of the communities where we’ve worked, you can feel confident that we know virtually everything about our new home’s structure. We’ve worked with floor plans and blueprints, and we know the room measurements and optimal traffic flow because our team has worked with your builder from the very beginning to design your new home.

So, whether you’ve purchased a new home from the builder, seen one of our model home designs, or been recommended to our services by a friend, House Details Too is at your service with the finest interior design in the southeastern United States.interior shot

House Details Too will work with you in creating the look you prefer – a home that traces back – and forward – to you.

Your memories
Your style
Your future

We strive to create multi-functional rooms and concentrate on the quality of the space – given your unique needs. Our success comes when the environment you envision has been created.

Only then is our job completed.

Call or email Lisa Renée today to start your home’s makeover today!