Eco-Friendly Design

Closeup of green designEco-Friendly Design, also known as "Green Design" or "Sustainable Design," contributes to clean indoor air quality and lower energy costs through the use of non-toxic finishes and materials throughout a home. Furthermore, incorporating environmentally-conscious options within a home does not jeopardize its style, warmth and appeal.

At House Details Too we are proud to offer eco-friendly design consultations as well as green living options for residential and commercial spaces.

Green Design

  • Paint: Non-toxic paints, with low- or no-VOC content are essential to favorable indoor air quality.
  • Hard Surfaces: Flooring and hard surface items such as countertops offer a great opportunity for the use of recycled content. House Details Too supports environmentally safe products verified by Green Guard and the Forest Stewardship Council.
  • Window Treatments and Lighting: Energy-efficient window coverings not only reduce your energy bill, but also protect your flooring, fabrics and furniture from discoloration and deterioration.
  • Furniture: House Details Too supports regional furniture manufacturers who work with natural fibers and fillings, and use low-VOC adhesives.

kitchenGreen Living Services

Our interior decorating consultants will tour your residence and provide you with customized interior design recommendations for a variety of opportunities to help you conserve resources, reduce energy bills and adopt a healthier lifestyle for your entire family.

House Details Too tips and informational resources include:

  1. Water conservation
  2. Energy conservation
  3. Energy efficient lighting
  4. Indoor air quality
  5. Recycling and composting
  6. Non-Toxic cleaning and laundering
  7. Local and Fair Trade shopping alternatives
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Call House Details Too today to discuss the Green Home Design and Family Living options that are right for you and your family.