"In each model (within the communities of Cascade Creek and Sycamore Springs), the quality of House Details’ merchandising was exceptional, and installed in a professional manner according to the scheduled date. Most important to us was that the designs were target marketed to the potential homebuyer, and were an invaluable tool in selling our homes."

Bob DeMille
Director, Sales & Marketing
Boyd Homes


As Virginia’s premier interior merchandising firm, House Details works with three primary market segments:

With a focus on multi-functionality of the spaces, we utilize every square foot of each house to showcase a home’s strengths and value, and to achieve that all-important emotional connection with the home buyer.

As such, the professional merchandising and interior design approach at House Details encompasses the following essential principles:

1. Consumer Research

At House Details, we literally pore over the research – ensuring we have a clear and intimate understanding of each project’s targeted buyer profile. Starting with the initial concept to consulting on the floor plans, our knowledge base and ability to translate research into sales are what set House Details apart. We take the time to build the strong partnerships necessary to sell homes.

2. Showcase Strengths and Value

We use specific design elements such as furniture placement, accessories, built-ins and window treatments to romance the space – thus, drawing the buyer’s attention. Close attention is paid to the scale of furnishings, as this element will define and highlight the functionality of living areas and traffic flow.

closet3. Create an Emotional Connection 

A buyer will never get to questions about the house specs and neighborhood, unless there is a definitive emotional connection between the home and the buyer. To create that connection, House Details combines innovation with comfort. Color, style and accessories comprise "memory points" that make our models memorable.

House Details Merchandising Design

tableThe Process
After dissecting the demographics and target profile, we spring into action to "hit" this market with accuracy. We have to know our buyers – their likes and dislikes. Buyers have to feel like this home was designed especially for them. We knew they were coming! At House Details, we merchandise homes to provide buyers with a "memory connection." People identify with "warm fuzzies." The homes we design have to relate to people’s own life. We are able to look at the structure and location of a model, and know what the buyer loves, whether it is music, reading, bridge or sports. We create an environment that makes them remember. We focus not as much about how a house looks, but how it feels.

988The Market
As interior merchandisers, we give a great deal of thought to what influences our homebuyers. Baby boomers will redecorate or “re-feather” their nest when moving to a new space. This is also the group that may be buying a second home closer to grandchildren or aging parents.


artsy roomAt House Details, we also merchandise for Generation Y and the X’ers. In the 27 to 39 year age group, the focus is on outdoor living and children with many sports activities. Usually their first or second home purchase, it will take this group three to five years to personalize their space. Generation Y and X’ers will use some furniture passed down to them by family, and then they personalize their space based on popular TV shows such as Extreme Makeover, Divine Design, Carter Can, and Design on a Dime. This age group is also catalog-happy, and usually very open to the use of bold color. Nothing says personalization (and practicality and value) to this group than color. Being very design savvy, this demographic group generally knows what they like.

KitchenFocal Point Highlights
Kitchens are the epicenter of the home. At House Details, we create kitchens that are warm and cozy, using accents like rocking chairs and rugs to create that feeling of family, hot chocolate, and warm cookies – a place where they feel safe and protected. Here lies the utmost female influence in the buying process.

Creating an inviting welcome in the entry area is another crucial factor in our design philosophy. The front door has to be attractive and display a welcome mat and decorative plants. It is the very first impression of a home, and the décor has to say: "This is our home and you are welcome to enter."

interior"Bringing the outside in" is another important merchandising element. Most people are living in smaller homes than ever before, and many are living in attached housing with shared community grounds. Many families have moved to maintained grounds – without the yard responsibility. These people still want to enjoy the outdoors and putter around in their smaller space striving to bring the outside "in." The color green for this group suggests sustainability and helps to achieve this goal. Representing the environment, Green is "Mother Nature" to us and has thus become the new "neutral."

A new trend is emerging – to enjoy the actual outdoors more by bringing the "indoors out." As a result, more homeowners are creating outside areas that contain everything from refrigerators, cook tops and microwave ovens to televisions and all-weather furniture and carpeting.

Design Influences
The seasonality and disposition of our nation’s economy has a large impact on design. If the economy is depressed, people will choose a lot of browns and greys. When the clear colors are more popular, it usually reflects the nation’s optimism.

World events also influence merchandising. For example, immediately after the Japanese hosted the Olympics, Martha Stewart did an entire series on Japanese style. After Sydney, Australia, water scenes and the color blue were popular. After Salt Lake City, designers such as Alexander Julian, Calvin Klein and Raymond Waites emerged with the "Americana look."

InteriorThe restaurant industry has developed the physiology of wall color to an art. They know that the color of the restaurant’s walls influences our mood when eating, what we order, and how long we will linger. These colors in turn influence our choices for a home’s kitchen and dining room.

Art has a major influence on design. Whenever there is a major exhibit touring the country, we will see its effect in home fashions. For example, if Monet toured, the colors would be indirect pastels.

The apparel industry also influences our home fashions. If you see a popular tie pattern, it won’t be long before you see that same pattern on a bedspread in a local retailer.

high ceilingOne of the most important factors that influence merchandising designs is the television and movie industry. In the early eighties, Dynasty brought us Crème on Crème. Miami Vice brought us pastels for years. When the Cosby Show was popular, we saw a lot of cherry wood and furniture with traditional cabriole legs. Movies have the same impact. Out of Africa brought us the drab olive greens and the safari patterns. Titanic brought new definition to fine linens and fancy table tops. We have children”s movies such as Finding Nemo and Shrek to thank for the bright oranges and yellow greens of the past few years.

One of our roles as leading interior merchandisers is to track and monitor these trends on a continual basis — constantly upgrading our design education.

Consumers’ increased desire for healthy and sustainable locally grown fruits and vegetables provides fresh inspiration for the currently popular hues of citrus green, mango and lemon yellow. We’ll also see pumpkin orange and apple red colors surfacing in today’s home designs.

A focus on authenticity and artisanship has given rise to "menswear" materials and colors. Warm argyles and paisley blend with traditional hues such as navy blue, "leather-like" brown and rich gray. "Texture-like" finishes and decorative techniques are also important to this palette. Incorporating herringbone and argyle paint patterns provides a focal point in today’s living and family rooms.

At House Details, we create an environment where a person or family can actually envision themselves living, relaxing and loving life.

At House Details, our professional goal is to sell a builder’s homes in record numbers. We want our clients to know that integrity and gratitude are our founding, professional principles. We vow to give 110% to every project!This is my promise.

Faye Markert
President, House Details