Empty Nester (or Better Boomer) Market

A full one-third of the adult U.S. population, this market group likes first-floor master suites with home office and hobby rooms. Each individual likes a "space" he/she can call his/her own, and uses the kitchen/family room and master suite as the common area. Usually willing to spend more on upgrades and home interior decorating, this market wants the best the builder has to offer. These people are extremely active, have money and energy, and prefer almost no yard maintenance. Almost like a second childhood for many, this market’s entire lifestyle is about enjoying life. At the same time, this group still has a strong commitment to family, and will have a designated place for grandchildren to sleep.

The House Details design and merchandising team showcases as much light as possible for this market segment. To "bring the outdoors in," we use paint colors, plants, indoor herb gardens, outdoor garden statuary, and artwork with floral themes and greenery. Also to use the outdoors, we have an eco-friendly
interior design department for all your green needs. Kitchen and family room are designed for maximum "livability" – the colors soft and relaxed.

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