First-Time Home Buyers

Becoming increasingly more sophisticated, the First-Time Home Buyer generation is not afraid of color and textures – bold, yet relaxed. With many of them childless, a comfortable yet flexible guest room for visitors or a home office is essential. This is the buyer who enjoys a yard, hobbies and outdoor entertaining. For this market, House Details will include "active" accessories – sports, games, hobbies and music themes. A strong trend with this generation is the need to be green. Our interior decorators can show you eco friendly options customized to your liking.

For the Young Families sub-sector of this group, the bedrooms will be designed as kids’ rooms and/or nurseries. For an urban look with more vibrant colors, our merchandising team ensures games and toys are included in the playroom. Design accessories emphasize comfort, trendy style and flexibility.

jukebox room 520    
loft dining room view to kitchen    
520 kitchen