Move-up/Move-Down Market

Move-up buyers can usually be categorized as family-focused buyers. Along with more space, this market seeks a wide list of upgraded design features. They want the private master bath and walk-in closets. An entertainment center space along with a home office (or at least a designated bill-paying space) is essential. The family is already established, and a separate play area for the kids may be very important. With kids’ bedrooms appropriately decorated per age ranges, the move-up buyer is also looking for a larger sense of community for their children to grow.

For the move-down buyer, the general space layout is similar to the move-up buyer; however, the functionality of the rooms will vary. One of the most memorable rooms designed by House Details for this type of buyer was a "bridal room" – for a daughter preparing for her wedding day.

This market has more of a "transitional" style of décor. Their generation usually has some inherited pieces of furniture to which they have added pieces to form an eclectic personal style. The House Details merchandising and home interior design team uses subdued color for this market, with a sophisticated, more established furnishings style. Accents and accessories are planned accordingly.

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living room office